Improved Refrigeration – The Centurion Dynamic Efficiency Control System

Improved Refrigeration – The Centurion Dynamic Efficiency Control System

To encompass the needs of the modern user and to accommodate our new range of high speed high capacity rotors that has been numerously requested, we have redesigned our Refrigerated Centrifuges. Our latest Dynamic efficiency control System, gives improved cooling for the new high speed high capacity rotors and even better control of low temperature settings for our High speed micro rotors.

At no extra cost to you, the compressor and condenser are larger, with Dynamic efficiency Control using a solenoid control of gas instead of a wrapped heater as used before.

A thicker Stainless steel bowl and a 40% improvement in the Heat exchanger efficiency has also added to our improvements.

A further improved PID Temperature control system adjusts to an unsurpassed accuracy.

A saving of 25% in power consumption was our aim and was easily achieved by our design team.

To accommodate the new components, we redesigned the body, to only a 10mm increase in size yet have created a much improved and easier access for any servicing that may be necessary.

Our commitment to our market place has taken priority.

A new factory, specifically for refrigeration products is now in full operation.

Within this factory we have a constant temperature Test room, where every unit is tested and certified, to hold its minimum temperature per rotor. A graph is sent with every unit, to prove what we say.

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